Yerba mate

What is the mate?

Mate is a traditional South american herbal tea, to drink it you need a bombilla (metallic straw), a mate cup : a vessel made from a gourd (calabash plant )and yerba mate.

Yerba mate( ilex paraguaiensis )is a plant which is cultivated in northeast Argentina. Migrants adopted mate consumption and became adept to it. Normally the argentinians use to drink it AMARGO (bitter) but a common variant is to add sugar, is called sweet mate, other people prefer to add little pieces of dry orange skin to give a different flavour to the mate.

Small children drink mate de leche (mate with milk instead of water) Usually you can drink mate in Argentina, south of Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay. It is a symbol of friendship, it is said that the mate helps you study by maintaining you awake.  

How to make Mate,

  1. Pour some yerba mate into your mate cup.
  2. Pour warm water onto part of the yerba mate.
  3. Relax for about 30 seconds as the yerba mate awakens.
  4. Put mate straw into the wet yerba mate tea.
  5. Pour in hot water and drink the mate.

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