tierradelfuegotieradelfuego the Lighthouse at the End of the World   Ushuaia, in Patagonia, is often called the ‘City at the End of the World‘ because of its location.It is the capital city of the Tierra del Fuego.Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world.

Isla De Los Lobos is next to the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, straight out of Ushuaia Bay. It takes about an hour to reach by boat and has one of the few sea lion colonies. A great site in Ushuaia is Estancia Tunel.Divers can then explore a stunning kelp forest. You will find yourself surrounded by huge kelp, jellyfish, sea lions, corals and king crabs as well as a wide variety of creatures and fish of the deepest oceans. sea lions Tierra del Fuego means Land of Fire. The name was given by early explorers who saw the fires on the shores of the native Yámana people.

Ushuaia is a young city. The city foundation was in October 12, 1884.

Ushuaia is well-known as the southernmost city in the world and its location on the Beagle Channel is truly unbeatable. The area is also surrounded by the Martial Mountains, so if you are looking for a picture postcard style vacation with fresh mountain air, refreshing sea breeze and lush forest greenery – all at the same time -then this is the place to be. This is also one of the reasons why the climate is moderate and pleasant right through the year.

As capital city of Tierra del Fuego, this vibrant port hub can be easily accessed by taking a flight from Buenos Aires or Santiago in Chile to Ushuaia – Malvinas Argentinas International Airport. The area is a popular base for scientific expeditions to Antarctica and even travel to smaller islands down south.

Popular attractions in Ushuaia

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Located to the west of Ushuaia, the Tierra del Fuego National Park is a true haven for all those who appreciate flora and fauna. Located on the southernmost tip of the Andean-Patagonian forest, the park is spread over 63,000 hectares and there are plenty of sights waiting to be explored. The first being the Black Lagoon, The Island over archipelago Cormoranes and the lookout point at the Lapataia Bay. Also keep an eye open for dams built by beavers up the Los Castores stream. Easy to follow trekking tours are organized and they last about a day. This includes navigating the Beagle Channel in a small yatch.

Train to the End of the World

As intriguing as this may sound, the ‘Train at the End of the World’ was far from being a pleasurable journey over 100 years ago as it used to carry prisoners. Fast forward to the present times and all you can expect is picturesque lake views and lagoons, Mount Susana and the old prison that is now occupied by the Southern Fuegian Railway. As you chug along towards Ensenada Bay and further, the snow-capped mountains of Sampaio Chain is truly breathtaking.

-The Martial Glacier

Standing tall at 1050 meters above the sea level, The Marital Glacier is named after Luis Fernando Martial, a French Explorer. Much of Ushuaia’s fresh water is drawn from here and in summer the place is a favourite destination for hikers and trekkers who are ready to take on varying challenge levels. Step into the cable car to whisk up for a panoramic ride of the region. A snow blanket envelopes the place at wintertime and guarantees beautiful vistas for the shutterbugs. During the ascent uphill enjoy views of the Andorra Valley, Beagle Channel and Hoste Islands as well.

-Museum of the historical military prison of Ushuaia: the penitentiary for criminals prisoners chosen for being a very desolate place.The jail is the symbol of Ushuaia’s colonization. It began to be built in 1902 and was finished in 1920. The works were carried out by the prisoners themselves, and had 380 one-person cells.This historical prison was shut down in 1947.

-Museum of the End of the World: dedicated to the history of the area.

-The Lighthouse in the Beagle Channel .

Renowned as one of the popular places to visit in Argentina, Ushuaia also offers plenty of options to lovers of eco-adventure. Go canoeing at the Lasiphashaj River or drive to Estancia Harberton to get a feel of the first settlers in the area. During late September to early April, you could spend time walking with penguins in their colony at the Isla Yécapasela(Martillo Island). A unique experience like no other!

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