Trelew – Chubut

kiosco plaza independenciaSituated in the inferior valley of the river Chubut. The Capital of the province is Rawson but Trelew is also an important city.

Trelew, in welsh means TOWN of Louis. “Pueblo de Luis” in tribute to Lewis Jones , pioneer of the welsh settlement in Chubut.trelew

The city arose around the railway station.Being in the 40s the heart of communications, transport, industry, trade and tourism in the area. It has a mild and dry climate.

Trelew emerged as railroad tracks for transporting agricultural products from the Valley .


( Welsh were the first immigrants to settled the Patagonia),té gales they built about 30 chapels along the valley, many of which still stand.Each July 28 you can attend to the welsh tea ceremony commemorating the arrival in 1865 of the first immigrants.
There is also a famous festival in the city :the Eisteddfod, a musical and literary festival where poems are recited in Welsh and spanish.




It is connected to the most attractive areas of CHUBUT Province (Peninsula Valdés, Punta Tombo, Puerto Madryn, Rawson, Playa Union, Puerto Pyramids, Dique F. Ameghino, Gaiman, Dolavon, Ameghino Petrified Forest)



-The Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio . MEF. MEF

(Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum)

It welcomes visitors every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Regional Museum “Pueblo de Luis( former railway station)

-Visit the The Welsh chapels

From Trelew you can get to Punta Tombo, located 110 kilometers to the south . Rawson is 15 kilometers from Trelew. BY RN 3 you can get from Trelew to Puerto Madryn.

Rawson is to 1436 kms from Buenos Aires.