Argentina is home to a number of stunning beaches. Some of the amazing beaches that are worth visiting include:
Mar del Plata : also known as La Felíz ” The Happy Citty” or “Mardel”. To Four hundred kilometers from Buenos Aires (around five hours trip ). It is  central beach is called Bristol . Mar del Plata is an incredible place to visit. The modern and chic infrastructure of this region leads you to the cool and quiet waters of the beach. Its distance from the city also offers a peaceful and tranquil environment, a perfect place for a hideaway trip.
Villa Gesell: The Villa Gesell beach is located more than 300 kilometers from the city and stretches about 10 kilometers. With a forest and a zoo nearby, the beach forms a very exquisite tourist destination, it also boasts of a soft slope which makes it easy and exciting to explore.

Necochea: Necochea serves not only as a beach but also a port. It is located 528 kilometers from Buenos Aires and is a haven for waters sport enthusiasts. It is a great place for activities like surfing, skiing, sailing, jet skiing among others

Miramar:  Located 450 kilometers to the South of Buenos Aires and just 45 km away from Mar del Plata, Miramar is an awesome beach on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is an amazing place for a trip as the temperature is mostly mild all year round. It is also a great place for fishing excursions.

Pinamar: Situated more than 340 kilometers from the capital, Pinamar is a beach that is surrounded by pine forests. The sandy beaches offer an exciting platform for recreational activities and the calm waters arejust great for a swim. As the beach is pretty far from the city, it is a great place to seek refuge from the hassles of the busy city and noisy town life.
Monte hermoso:At the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Mote Hermoso is an awe inspiring beach which is located about 100 kilometers to the east of Bahía Blanca. The beach offers an amazing experience that comes courtesy of the waters, which are warm most of the time. For those who love swimming, this is the place to be. It is also a unique spot as tourists can watch both the sunrise and sunset over the sea.

Mar de Ajó:  Located about five hours from the city, Mar de Ajo is an impeccable tourist destination in Argentina. This is a particularly ideal retreat for those who do not wish to drift far away from the city. The cool waters and the sandy beaches just serve to make the experience better.
San Clemente del Tuyú:  This beach offers an incredible sight of where the river enters the sea. It also boasts of average temperatures that make it a great place to spend some wonderful time. There are also several hotels and restaurants where you can unwind after leaving the beach. Known beacuse of Mundo Marino, the biggest ocean resortin South América.

Cariló: This is an irresistible beach nestled in a manmade forest found along the Atlantic Coast. The clean waters provide a fantastic environment for relaxation and enjoyment for both solo tourists and families. There are also numerous hotels and resorts around the region that provide reasonably-price accommodation.