The Seven Lakes and San Martín de los Andes

The Seven lakes route  starts from Villa Angostura and winds until the village of San Martin de los Andes.



Also known as the Ruta de los Siete Lagos, the Seven Lakes Route is a tourist route that joins the two districts of Villa La Angostura and San Martin de Los Andes. It’s a classic path that bridges the two regions in an outstanding fashion, maneuvering through dense green valleys. The route gives access to two splendid national parks which are Nahuel Huapi and Lanin.

The route also offers panoramic views of eight lakes. Starting with the south, the first lake that a tourist gets to see is Lake Lácar followed by the Machónico, the Falkner, followed by Villarino and Escondido, Correntoso, then Espejo and finally Nahuel Huapi. The Seven Lakes Route is a popular tourist attraction in Argentina with incredible landscapes, panoramic vantage points and picturesque views.

From Bariloche to Villa La Angustura it takes only 1 hr and 15 min., from Bariloche to San Martin de los Andes 3 and half. The lakes are stunning.You will get amazing views of the lakes.

What to visit:volcanlagoLanín National Park  ( Parque Nacional Lanín)  is a stunning park located in Neuquén Province. The park takes its name from the highest peak,the Lanín (meaning “Dead Rock” in the native mapuche language) volcano(Its 3,776 m height)This awesome destination is an interesting place to be, offering diverse and unique tree varieties (conifers ,  the lenga and the Araucaria), some of which are not available anywhere else in Argentina. The Huechulafquen and Aluminé too are located in the park, which also plays host to the Lanín volcano. For anyone who loves the outdoors, fishing for trout and salmon in the various streams and rivers is an incredible way of spending time in the Lanin.


– San Martin de los Andes is a city found in the Neuquén Province of Argentina. It’s located close to the foot of the Andes. San Martin de Los Andes is another popular tourist destination in Argentina, both during the ski season and the summer. The city offers a spectacular landscape that promises an unbeatable sightseeing tour. For nature lovers, San Martin is an awesome place to be during the spring and summer as it is a haven for bird watching. Outdoor enthusiasts will be fascinated by this destination especially during summer when this place turns into a harbor for adventure sports. Some of the exciting sporting events on offer in this region during summer include trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, horse riding and biking among several others.

sanmartindlosandesSan Martin de los Andes


-Nahuel Huapi National Park :

Known in Spanish as Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, the Nahuel National Park is Argentina’s oldest National Park, established way back 1,934. The park surrounds the Nahuel Huapi Lake and is the largest national park in the region covering approximately 7,050 km2. The park boasts of the high mountain chain, stunning waterfalls, snowy peaks, glaciers, rapid rivers as well as an extensive forest. The area offers several recreational avenues such as Victoria Island, Puerto Blest, Tronador and other exciting places which make Nahuel Huapi an incredible tourist destination.

San Martin de Los Andes is an exciting place to be, both for sightseeing trips and adventure sports. Its vast forest and numerous striking water bodies offer a wide variety of unique flora and fauna that treats nature enthusiasts to an unbeatable experience. The destination guarantees any visitor a great experience of Argentina.


-Lake Nahuel Huapi is the deepest and largest lake. Nahuel Huapi it means Jaguar Island. -Cerro Tronador  – Thunder Hill:  the higest peak Nahuel Huapiwith 3.554 meters above


Bariloche cerro campanario

sea level.( extinct volcano) -Lake Mascardi. -Cerro Campanario -LLao Llao peninsula: Twenty-four kilometers from San Carlos de Bariloche, on the shore of Lake Moreno.  

-Cerro Catedral : 2388 m, 19 kilometres  from San Carlos de Bariloche, and inside the Nahuel Huapí National Park. Mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, snow, beauty, peace, harmony and silence.

cerro Catedral

cerro Catedral

lago Meliquina Neuquen

lago Meliquina – Neuquen