Flag National Monument




ROSARIO the largest city in the province of Santa Fe, is located 300 kms (187 miles)northwest of Buenos Aires.Rosario City borders on the Paraná River to the East.

Rosario is the third most populous city in the country.

The climate is hot with average maximum temperatures of 24º C and average minimum temperatures of 12º C.

Known as the “flag’s birthplace”, the city proudly presents the Flag National Monument, an imposing construction of 107,639 ft2, built to pay tribute to General Manuel Belgrano, the creator of the Argentine flag. The panoramic view of the city is really beautiful.

You can admire nature walking by its coastal area, exploring the parks , the most important is the Parque de la Independencia or the Independence Park, the largest and most traditional park in Rosario. It was designed around the year 1900 by the acclaimed French-born landscape architect Charles Thays to celebrate the 100 anniversary of Argentina’s Independence, there are many museums too.

The city has two large soccer teams: “Newell’s Old Boys” and “Rosario Central.” The supporters of the former are nicknamed “leprosos,” its stadium being located in the “Parque de la Independencia”.e “Newell’s Old Boys” stadium is called “El Coloso del Parque” (The Park’s Colossus), while that of “Rosario Central,” situated in “Arroyito” Neigborhood, is known as “El Gigante de Arroyito” (The “Arroyito” Giant).

In “Fisherton” Neighborhood, you will find the two largest sports clubs in the city: the Rosario Golf Club and the Jockey Club, both of which organize major golf tournaments.

There is an airport only 13 kms away from the city center, there are daily flights from Buenos Aires , it takes 50 minutes to arrive.