Puerto Iguazú

Puerto Iguazu is a city found in the Misiones Province of Argentina and has its place among the top largest cities of the province. The city is a remarkable tourist destination especially during winters, mostly because it experiences warm temperatures during the typically cold season. The city which provides numerous accommodation facilities basically caters to the needs of tourists who travel to see the popular Iguassu Falls.cataratasiguazu

The city’s exhilarating landscape makes it a popular hub for excursions, adventures and sightseeing tours. There are also quite a number of tour operators in the region that helps visitors come into contact with nature and its various exciting elements.

The National Park covers 5500 has. of tropical forest holding 2000 plant species and 400 bird varieties.(Bamboo, palms,  tree ferns, wild orchids, begonias, parrots and macaws ).

Declared Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 1984.iguazu

Iguazú Falls is the most impressive waterfall. It’s fascinating and unique. Puerto Iguazú is 300 km away from the Capital City : Posadas City. Composed of over 250 separate cascades, in 1542, members of a Spanish expedition led by Cabeza de Vaca found the place. Iguazú Waterfalls are part of Iguazú National Park in Argentina.

 Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) The Garganta del Diablo is part of the Iguazu National Park.


Incredible Attractions in Puerto Iguazu

Güira- Oga

The Güira- Oga is one of the most exciting destinations in Puerto Iguazu that is worth visiting. It is an animal rehabilitation center and something that cannot be missed by an animal lover. Getting to the rehabilitation center is easy as it is located only ten minutes from the city. A visit to this place is exciting as it boasts of bilingual guides who speak both English and Spanish. The rehabilitation center hosts monkeys, certain small mammals but is largely made up of bird species. It also houses a croc.

Casa Ecológica de Botellas

Located just a short distance from Iguassu Falls Road; the Casa Ecológica de Botellas is a splendid tourist attraction. The owners of this magnificent destination have used packing materials such as cartons, plastic bottles and bags to construct an inspiring house. They have also used the same materials for furnishing and developing awe-inspiring handicraft. There is quite a lot to learn at this great destination as the guides enlighten visitors on the techniques used to create their amazing artifacts.Iguazucat

Iguassu Falls

A visit to Argentina is not complete without a visit to this famous waterfall. Iguazu Falls Argentina is one of the world’s most popular, breathtaking destinations. The great waterfalls lies on the Iguazu River along the Argentinean-Brazilian border. The falls is divided into various cataracts and smaller waterfalls, a feature that offers a quaint view to visitors. The falls is also considered unique given the fact that the number of waterfalls fluctuate to almost half the total number of falls with regards to the level of water. For anyone who wants to enjoy an awesome experience or would like to take part in one of the thrilling Iguazu Falls tours, going through Puerto Iguazu is one of the easiest ways to access this fine destination. The city is located just about 27 kilometers from the falls. One can also take a plane from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls.

Puerto Iguazu is undoubtedly one of the finest places in Argentina and it’s worth the trip. Whether it’s a quiet getaway in search of a tranquil and peaceful environment, or a trip full of outdoor activities and excursions, the city has quite a lot to offer. The numerous trails and tours are definitely bound to leave visitors spellbound and the memories are sure to last a long time.