Regions of the Country

region Argentina envelops about 2,766,890 km square land area.

This makes it occupy the eighth position among the largest countries across the world. the southeastern border of Argentina faces the vast water body of the Atlantic Ocean. The country is wide in the north and narrows down in the south where it reduces to pointed tip. The topographical regions of Argentina consist of  many divisions. 

The Pampas  situated in the central area of Argentina,   encompasses the large regions  of La Pampa, Buenos Aires, Sierra de Cordoba, Santa Fe and San Luis.  

Patagonia :The southeastern part of Patagonia comes under Argentina. This region of half parched plains packed with many lakes in its forest region, cover the geographical area of Santa Cruz, Rio Negro, Neuquen and Chubut.

Gran Chaco It is  located in the northern part of Argentina, Santiago del Estero, Formosa and the area of Chaco. Most of the part of this region is biologically rich due to the dominance of fertile forestlands that also contributes to making the region influenced by wet and dry climate.

Mesopotamia This prolific region of Argentina influenced by the popular rivers called Uruguay and Parana, waterfalls like Iguazu and the moist lands of Ibera. It circumscribes the territories of Entre Rios and Corrientes. Also its fertile land gives it a very pleasant climate.


Cuyo The barren area of Cuyo is situated at the eastern part of the magnificent mountain ranges of Andes. The water that originates from the mountain region gets supplied to this area consisting of the territories of San Juan and Mendoza. Switching over to the coastal region of Argentina, which has a bordering length of 4665 Km, we can say that Argentina has abundant marine resources and geographical diversity, which makes it rich and climatically attractive country.