It is located in Quetrihué Peninsula, Neuquén Province.
The park has 1.753 hectares, covers all the Quetrihué Peninsula that is ubicated in the north side of Nahuel Huapi Lake.



Los Arrayanes National Park was created in 1971 as an independent National Park, making up until that year the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Vegetation: Arrayanes and coihues are the most representive trees of this area. Close to it grows cipreses, radales, arrayanes, palo santos, ñires, pataguas, hua huán, maqui, caña colihue, michay, calafate, chilco, mutisia, amancay, botellitas.



Animals: huillin, pudu, cormoran, picaflor rubi, carpinteros, rayaditos and chucaos.

Characteristics: The park, which has 1.753 hectares. In the south side of the Quetrihué Peninsula there is the most singular formation: the purest arrayanes forest, white flowers and cinnamon bark trees with irregular whitish spots.


PN Los Arrayanes (Los Arrayanes National Park) preserves a sample of the patagonic forest eco-region, which has wet and cold warm climate, with winter snowfalls and rains. During almost all the year there are frosts and strong winds from the West.
This eco-region has high mountains, with glaciery valleys. “Semideciduos” forest, which is high represented in the north but not too much in the southern part, dominates the area and alternates with “turberas” in the southern part.