Situated to 15 km from San Antonio Oeste in Rio Negro Province in the San Matías Gulf on the Atlantic coast .

Las Grutas, or  The Caves :  named for the coastal cliffs that line the beach. (Surrounded by cliffs with warm waters)



There are plenty of beaches in the region, : Playa de Piedras Coloradas,
the sharp : La Conchilla or la Rinconada.

Activities that can be practised: Rent horses for moonlight rides, kayaking ,windsurfing,take kite-surfing classes, fishing, diving in groups.

With more than 20 restaurants where different kind of sea food  menus are offered.

It is a summer resort of 7,000 inhabitants that reach 20,000 in summer. Its main attractions are the beautiful white sand beaches, it tempered and clear water as well as the infrastructure that allows the tourists enjoying the local casino, go dancing or practicing several sports.

Las Grutas is 1072 km from Buenos Aires, you can take an overnight bus from Buenos Aires , it will take 16 hours to  arrive in Las Grutas ( National Route 3 or Provincial Route 251), passing through Bahía Blanca and Viedma .

Como llegar desde:
Bahia Blanca   459 kms
Bariloche    650 kms (route 23)
Calafate      1.800 kms
Comodoro Rivadavia    719 kms
Córdoba      1.115 kms
Esquel     935 kms
General Roca     380 kms
Mar del Plata    913 kms
Mendoza       1.278 kms
Neuquen         415 kms
Puerto Madryn     263 kms
Rio Gallegos  1.503 kms
Rosario    1.106 kms
San Juan  1.340 kms
Santa Fé   1.324 kms
Sierra Grande   127 kms
Trelew   330 kms
Ushuaia  2.119 kms
Viedma    191 kms