La Plata

The Capital City of Buenos Aires Province.It is known as the “City of Diagonals”(whith a geometrical perfection has been praised by the most well known city planners of the world).laplata

Catedral Metropolitana de La Plata: This  Cathedral with  New Gothic style was founded in 1882, it has 37 French and German vitraux. Is the largest church in Argentina.

La Plata was renamed Eva Perón City (Ciudad Eva Perón) between 1952 and 1955.(The name La Plata was restored when Perón’s regime was overthrown (1955).)

There is a public square every seven blocks.

The University of La Plata was founded in 1897 and nationalized in 1905.

-One of the most touristic attractions of the city is the Cathedral , dedicated to the Immaculate Conception(opposite to the Moreno Square) with a Gothic style and its 37 French and German vitreaux. The interior is just as grand as the exterior.the elevator up into one of the towers is quick, the views are fantastic.

-Plaza Moreno : in the middle of the city.

Another important attraction is the Natural Sciences Museum which, considered the fifth in importance in the world. It shows over 2,500,000 objects including dinosaur fossils. Open Tue-Sun from 10am-6pm.

Children’s City o República de los niños : is the biggest undertaking for children in South America: you will find a whole city prepared for kids, at kid size. There is a small train to ride around the park and a small zoo, (small amusement rides, petting zoo you can feed the goats, sheep, and llamas, deer, rabbits, ponies, and pigs, playgrounds).There are also miniature buildings (of famous ones in Argentina). From Buenos Aires it takes almost 2 hours by public bus. You can take the Corteza bus from Retiro to La Plata, and then the TALP bus to La Republica . The place is old but very clean and well kept. The entrance fee is about 20 pesos argentinos. It was officially opened in 1951.  The architects based the design on stories by Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm brothers. The park also includes a doll museum with dolls from all over the world.rep

Children’s City




Natural Sciences Museum


New Argentinian Theatre: Amazing building, it is an amazing piece of art outside and inside. Opened in 2000, it has two Halls Ginastera, the largest and Piazzolla.(Alberto Ginastera and Astor Piazzolla.)It offers Symphonic music, Ballet and Opera and Chamber Music

-Casa Curutchet: designed by Le Corbusier in the year 194, declared of provincial tourist interest and Historical National Monument in 1987. It  is opened to visitors from Tuesday- Friday between 10am-2pm.

-Coliseo Podestá Theatre

You can enjoy the Punta Lara beaches where you can practice jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing.



Estación del Ferrocarril Roca

La Plata is to 55 kilometers away from Buenos Aires City.You can get to La Plata by train  from  the Constitución Train Station,  by car through Nº36 National Route or Nº11 Provincial Route.

by bus from Retiro Bus Terminal, buses leave every twenty minutes.

The ZIP Code 1900 – and the National Dialing 0221