About Argentina:
If you want to explore nature at its barren and beautiful best, then Patagonia can never be overlooked. Views of icy peaks, crystal clear rivers and spectacular mountains will be the highpoints of your trip. You could visit the coastal areas for their penguin colonies and Península Valdés is particularly exciting for wildlife enthusiasts. Move inlands and kick up the dust on an extensive road trip that runs parallel to the backbone of the Andes.
If you’re an oenophile, make sure to spend a day or two in Mendoza and Maipu, which are two of Argentina’s top wine regions. Rent a bike or a scooter so you can explore the beautiful vineyards; after you’ve worked up an appetite, head off to the wineries to sample their best wines and treat your taste buds to local fruits and delicacies.
Don’t forget to take a tango class or two! Your visit to Argentina won’t be complete if you can’t experience at least a night of dancing. Several places offer free tango lessons, so you won’t even have to pay to learn this sexy, sophisticated dance.
Argentinians know how to eat well so, when you visit their country, you surely won’t go hungry! This is particularly true if you love beef, since there’s a wide range of beef dishes to choose from like sirloin steaks (bife de chorizo) and tenderloins (bife de lomo).
There are many wonderful restaurants and diners through Argentina but, if you’re short on time, head off to Buenos Aires. Here, you can find numerous steakhouses locally known as parrillas, which aren’t just eateries but are also an important part of the Argentinian culture. They serve thick slabs of Argentinian steaks alongside delicious chips, so make sure to visit them with an empty stomach. If beef isn’t your thing, don’t worry since you can easily find pizzerias, cantinas, and fine dining restaurants that serve a variety of mouthwatering dishes and desserts.
Argentina has a lot to offer to its visitors. So, whether you’re a newbie traveller or a seasoned adventurer, you won’t go wrong with putting Argentina on your itinerary and spending a few days or weeks in it.


Main destinations in Argentina