Dinosaur valley- Villa Chocón

Dinosaur Valley is situated in the southeast of Neuquén province.thegiants

This is the place where Ruben Carolini (a mechanic,) in 1993 found the fossil of the Giganotosaurus Carolinii “giant southern lizard” (15m  and 10 tons), the largest carnivorous dinosaur of all time, bigger even than the Tirannosaurus Rex.

Here Lieto Tessone also found the Rebbachisaurus Tessonei in 1988, and 50 Km away from here it was found the Argentinosaurus Huinculensis in 1.987, the biggest dinosaurs ever found in the world, it’s length has been estimated up to 35 meters from nose to tail making it one of the biggest creatures ever to have lived. Being between 80 and 100 tones. This has a simple explanation: 100 millions of years ago this area was a jungle plenty of rivers, lagoons and big dinosaurs going around.



The dinosaurs, whose footprints were preserved in the rocks around the lake Exequiel Ramos Mexia, lived 105 million years ago.

nowadays the valley is a large dam on the Limay River with a beautiful lake surrounded by pink hills, petrified forests and all the secrets of a desert region.

The museums are the main attraction of the village “Villa El Chocón” (1,000 inhabitants), where it its possible to see the fossilized rest of the Giganotosaurus Carolinii.

Centro Paleontológico 
Lago Barreales: Open daily for visits.

Museo Ernesto Bachman (main atraction in the Chocón), Opened everyday

Museo Municipal Carmen Funes , here you can find  a life size replica of the herbivore, the Argentinosaurus.Open daily for visits in Plaza Huincul.

It is a perfect place to practice different activities like fishing, swimming, sailing, camping, visit the museum with dinosaurs remains, or see millions years old dinosaurs footprints on the coast. The region has been declared of interest by the UN in 1996, and as a national monument in 1997.


Dinosaurs found in Patagonia




The city is nice for spending a few days , there are a  art museums, a weekend artisan market and  recreational activities.