Comodoro Rivadavia

Comodoro Rivadavia named after Commodore Martin Rivadavia , lies on San Jorge Gulf. Comodoro Rivadavia or Comodoro (As people use to call it) is the biggest city in the province of Chubut.Comodoro RivadaviaIt is the Argentinian oil capital. Since 1907 important oil fields were found in the area, and it began to be exploited till nowadays giving to the city an important development. YPF was created in 1922 and later on foreign companies started working in the area.

What to see in Comodoro Rivadavia:

-Mount Chenque is their characteristic and famous mount, and has beautiful panoramic views of the city.Peak Salamanca will call your attention too (575 mts)

Saint John Bosco’s Cathedral (Gothic style) in the center of the city. It was inaugurated in 1979.

-The National Museum of Petroleum Villa Rada Tilly: lies 12 kilometers away from Comodoro Rivadavia. Population : 190,000 approx.

You can reach their by plane : it has daily flights to Buenos Aires, arriving to General Enrique Mosconi International Airport. or bus,car following the National Route 3.   comodororivMount Chenque  Distances from Comodoro Rivadavia to:

Bahia Blanca 1169 kms

Bariloche 868 kms

Buenos Aires 1839 kms

Calafate 1040 kms

Caleta Olivia 78 kms

Cueva de las Manos 552 kms

Dique Florentino Ameghino 324 kms

Esquel 619 kms

Los Antiguos 444 kms

Neuquén 1209 kms

Puerto Madryn 594 kms

Parque Nac. Los Alerces 640 kms

Parque Nac. Lago Puelo 752 kms

Puerto Deseado 286 kms

Puerto Madryn 429 kms

Perito Moreno 382 kms

Puerto Santa Cruz 572 kms

Rada Tilly 15 kms

Rawson 438 kms

Río Gallegos 945 kms

Río Grande 1138 kms

Río Mayo 280 kms  

Trelew 384 kms

Ushuaia 1726 kms

Viedma 898 kms