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Experience a magical part of Argentina on the foothills of the Andes along the shoreline of Nahuel Huapi Lake. This is a true treat for tourists who are looking out for that picture-perfect holiday or even for those seekingthrilling and adventurous one. A quick peek into Bariloche’s history reveals that city was founded in 1902 and architect Ezequiel Bustillo’s pioneering work fostered a neat, urban design that is a sure-fire draw among visitors. Now this is one of the most well-planned and sought-after places to visit in Argentina.

Bariloche’s strategic location right next to Chile and the fact that it’s a major transport hub makes getting there a very simple affair. Lan Argentina Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas operate several flights a day from Buenos Aires and it’s only two hours away. Travelling by bus is another exciting option as you can soak up the scenic views on the way and there are regular services as well.

So what makes Bariloche an exciting travel destination?


Winter wonderland

Take time to enjoy the snowy peaks of the region and it comes as no surprise that this place is known as ‘American Switzerland’. Cerros Catedral, Nireco andLópez are just a few jewels of nature that should not be missed. Whether it’s skiing, mountain biking, snow polo or snowboarding, there are ample options for lovers of all things snow. Mount Catedral is a renowned ski resort and the name bears testament to fact the its peaks look similar to a Gothic, medieval temple. There are 600 hectares of skiable area waiting to be explored and you can also choose to ride high on the gondala (1030 metres above the sea level) for an absolutely thrilling mountain experience.

Summer siesta

Summer in Bariloche throws open incredibly varied fun activities such as trekking, horse riding, fishing, hiking, rock climbing and white water rafting among others. The right time for photography enthusiasts to click away and for families and friends to get together for a picnic. Put your fishing and angling skills to test post November 01st as the fishing season is under full swing. You can fish in the open sea just on the Chile border or choose a river or lake. It’s best to book early as the places to stay around these area tend to fill up quickly. Bariloche’s sandy beaches such as Playa Bonita and Villa Tacul beckon visitors who are looking to soak up the sun.


Keep in mind that Bariloche is also known as the chocolate capital of Argentina. A visit to the Chocolate Museum is a must and the alluring aromas and textures ensure a mouth-watering experience. Add to that special knowledge from the guide expounding on the different varieties and processes that go into the making of this melt-in-the-mouth treat.

Bariloche is not just popular among Europeans and South Americans but also high schools students in Argentina who love exploring the area for all-seniors trip. Owing to the rising popularity of this city, many quiet neighbourhoods have made way for apartments and rental accommodations for tourists. So there is always something to do and a great place to stay to suit everyone’s budget.


San Carlos de Bariloche or Bariloche : the word comes from the mapuche language and means “people on the other side of the mountain”. The city is located on the southern shores of lake Nahuel Huapi, in the foothills of the Andes in the province of Río Negro, Patagonia .


Civic center

It is surrounded by three lakes: Gutiérrez, Moreno and Mascardi, and by several hills and mountains, including Otto, Catedral and Campanario. Bariloche is synonymous of winter, snow and skiing. Also known as the “American Switzerland”, it has 100,000 inhabitants , most of them descendants of Germans, Austrians, and Italians . The city is also famous for its chocolates. Bariloche fulfills the visitor’s expectations .You can enjoy of amazing sceneries. Visit the he Centro Cívico, Cerro Otto and the Nahuel Huapi National Park


Activities you can do in Bariloche: Mountain biking,snowboard, snow polo and paragliding,fishing activities, trekking, horse riding, rafting, Golf or the traditional excursions by the lakes. The main ski station is  at Cerro Catedral, only 18 kilometers from the city.


During the summer, beautiful beaches such as Playa Bonita and Villa Tacul. On the shore of Lake Moreno,you find the Llao Llao Peninsula (24  kilometers from Bariloche) High season: January, February, July and August.

It takes around 22 hours to arrive to Bariloche from Buenos Aires or you can fly by Aerolineas Argentinas, and the Chilean carrier LAN. (it takes 2 hours to arrive from Buenos Aires).

There is also the possibility of car rental.

Distance from Buenos Aires: 1640 kms approx.

Distances from San Carlos de Bariloche: San Martín de Los Andes 180 kms

Comodoro Rivadavia 840 kms

Córdoba 1588 kms

El Calafate 1449 kms

El Bolsón 126 kms

Esquel 272 kms

Neuquen 443 kms

Puerto Madryn 745 kms

Rawson 909 kms

Río Gallegos 1663 kms

Río Grande 1960 kms

San Antonio Oeste 654 kms

Trelew 890 kms

Ushuaia 2178 kms

Viedma 821 kms

Zapala 375 kms

Santa Rosa 1443 kms bari   barilochee     aerosilla