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Bienes Raíces

Home to one of the world’s most awe-striking waterfalls, The Iguassu Falls, Argentina is a popular tourist destination not only in South America, but in the world at large. Its capital city, Buenos Aires, is considered among the world’s most iconic cities and attracts numerous tourists from all around the planet. The economic condition of Argentina has improved quite a bit with significant growth in the country’s GDP. This growth has made Argentina a hub for foreign investment, opening up great opportunities for foreign property buyers and developers.

There is no better way of investing in this fast growing country than in Argentinean real estate. While investing in real estate here may seem lucrative, there are certain tips that a potential investor needs to consider in order to buy the best property in the best way possible.

Real estate in Villa La Angostura is without a doubt worth a try. With a striking property like the Unique Mansion of La Angostura, there is definitely something for everyone in this region. The mansion occupies 15,736 sq.ft. of space and boasts of six bedrooms and six full baths among other amazing additions. Before purchasing a property however, it is vital that you consider the popularity of the location. Villa La Angostura for instance offers easy access to incredible attractions such as Lake Espejo, Mount Bayo and the Los Arrayanes National Park. It is therefore the right place for investing in real estate.

Another property that is worth considering while getting into real estate in Argentina is the French Style Home in Recoleta. The property brags of 7 bedrooms, four full baths and sits on 102 acres of land. It is located just a short distance from Palacio Dahau. The property has a garden that is made up of various plants, trees and a water fountain too. It has glorious marble stairs, a library that has a fireplace fitted and large windows that offer great views of the streets below. The first floor of the property hosts a magnificent living room and a dining room. The property is even made better by the fact that it is located in Buenos Aires. Buenos is the hub for social, economic and political activities of the entire country.

Apart from the location, a potential real estate investor should understand all the legalities that are relevant in the transactions. Purchasing a property in Argentina is not often that complicated given the fact that there are no restrictions on the foreigners purchasing or owning property in the country. The investor however has to apply to the government to issue him or her with a CDI tax registration number. Registration of the bought property also needs to be done through an escribano who takes care of the transfer and registration. The buyer should have an Argentinean bank account to finance the property being purchased.

With these easy tips, investing in real estate Argentina is pretty easy and smooth. There are several properties for sale in places like Bienes Raíces, Mar del Plata and other interesting locations as well.