About Patagonia

Where is Patagonia?




Patagonia Argentina is a popular tourist destination that is located in South America’s southern end. Patagonia is a unique destination given the fact that it is shared by two nations, that is, Argentina and Chile. If you are looking for a coastal destination, then this is the ultimate place to be. One of Southern Hemisphere’s largest ice fields is also located in this region, making it a perfect place for a sightseeing trip.

For nature lovers, there is quite a lot to be enjoyed if you visit Patagonia.

The region plays host to diverse and unique species of fauna. It also offers greenery, which makes it a perfect place to bond with nature. The area is also popular for its cuisine of grilled meat and pasta which is made with an extensive touch of ingredients that are found locally.

It includes the provinces of Neuquén, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur.

The term Patagonia comes from the word patagón used by Magellan in 1520 to describe the native people of the region. At the time Magellan believed the natives to be giants, however it is now believed that these Patagones were actually Tehuelches.

Popular Patagonian Attractions

San Martin de los Andes, Villa La Angostura: on the northeast margin of the lake Nahuel Huapi,  780 meters over the sea level. Bariloche is to 95 kilometers from Villa  La Angostura (route 231).Bariloche,  there are many circuit excursions. ( visiting beaches, lakes, mountains, National Parks).

choconVilla El ChocónLocated in the Neuquén Province of Argentina, Villa El Chocón is a tourist destination appreciated not only in Argentina, but all through the planet. It is located some 80 kilometers from Neuquén city, which makes it an haven for taking a hideaway trip to get away from the hassles of the busy city life. Villa El Chocón is popular for playing host to remains of dinosaur fossils, a feature that makes it an amazing destination for history lovers. If you have a thing for outdoor activities, then this is certainly the place to be during your Patagonia trip. There is a large water body that is open for sporting activities. You can also indulge in sport fishing. If you are here on a sightseeing trip, you can visit the dam or better still, check out the Giganotosaurus Carolinii, the world’s largest dinosaur.

Lago Puelo

Lago Puelo is situated northwest of the Chubut Province and is a pretty exciting place to be in. There are quite a number of Patagonia tour services that are offered at this striking destination. Enjoy breathtaking views of the plush farms, Azul River Valley and the stunning forests by trying out one of the exciting horseback riding trips. There are also a wide range of mountain activities and 4×4 tours that you can take part in during your stay. Your visit of Lago Puelo is not complete until you visit the LagoPuelo National Park that is home to some amazing flora and fauna. You will also get to enjoy picturesque views of the numerous rivers and lakes that are hosted in this park.

Puerto Piramidespuertopir

Located in the Chubut province, Puerto Piramides is an interesting town found in the Valdes Peninsula. The region offers an awesome experience of the eastern coast beaches where you get to see a wide variety of sea fauna most part of the year. Besides whale watching, the Valdes Peninsula hosts various bird species that are really exciting to watch.


Patagonia Argentina is one of the destinations that is worth visiting during your trip to this awesome country. Besides the luxurious hotels, there are several outdoor activities that you can engage in. A visit to this region is sure to treat you to a travel experience like no other.